Fall 2017 Couture favorites

Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2017 Couture

I’ve barely enjoyed my Summer, but fashion has no mercy and Fall Couture is already here! I can’t say I’m complaining though, new collections are always welcome in my life no matter the date, time or season. So, without further ado, I’ll be showing you my favorites from all these beautiful, sparkly, new fall fashions.

I’ll be starting out with a Schiaparelli, a brand that I usually (and shamefully) don’t pay attention to. This time however, their designs caught my eye thanks to both casual mini dresses and wonderful gowns. See through fabrics took over the collection and those adorable little hearts on the model’s heels took over my own heart.

Jean Paul Gaultier was a mixed bag when it came to personal favorites, but what I loved I REALLY loved. The entire collection felt luxurious and actually fall appropriate (if you live in a colder country, anyway.) The models makeup consisted of metallic gold tears, and that same gold decorated their hair, and sometimes, their bodies. I’m sure I’d cry too if I saw all this beauty in person!


Ever since I learned about Guo Pei earlier this year she’s become one of my favorite designers, and her new collection just reinforced that fact. Full of metallic, wet looking fabrics, every single design was truly a work of art.

Ralph & Russo made an absolutely gorgeous collection, and I can safely say that no amount of fancy photographs can do these gowns justice. The way they glimmered and swayed on the runway was too much for my poor fashion loving heart to handle. Can you imagine seeing these in person!?

So, that’s all for now! Which were your favorites?

Cindy xx

*all pictures courtesy of Vogue and WSTale. Cover photo found at V Magazine.

In the mood for summer (music)



Music is often praised for it’s ability to take you places, be it by reminding you of places from your past, or by making you imagine, and transporting you, to new ones. At the moment, I’m counting on it to do just that because I REALLY need to be transported to the beach (or anywhere summery, for that matter). When you’re being drowned in homework and stress you need an escape, so I’ve compiled myself a little playlist to survive the week, and to later enjoy once uni is finally over!

Hopefully you enjoy it, it’s the first playlist I’ve posted here and I might do more in the future. What have you been listening to this summer?

Cindy xx

A reminder: life’s too short to wear boring clothes


Life is full of contradictions, one of them being that even though I love fashion more than most things, I tend to dress kind of… boring. In fact, day to day I look a little bit like a slob who puts no effort into her appearance, because as a tired college student, I usually don’t. I tend to reserve new clothes and cute outfits ideas for “special occasions”, but let’s face the facts: there’s not a lot of those in my life at the moment. So, you may be asking, why don’t I just wear the things I want to every day? I ask myself the same thing.

Over the course of my life, I’ve felt conflicted about my looks. Never too trendy, never too skinny, never satisfied. And so, I grew up feeling inferior and unhappy with the way I dressed, in comparison to other girls who looked the way I wanted to. I guess, in the back of my head, I carry that mentality with me whenever I feel undeserving of looking good (sad, I know). There’s also the fact that I grew up thinking that jeans and t-shirts were the ideal day to day uniform, and everything else was reserved for going out so I wouldn’t “waste” my good clothes and avoid looking “the same” all the time (causing me to, basically, never stand out again!) Combine that with the fact that my religious upbringing shamed women for things like dressing up or wearing makeup, and you’ve got a whole war between the stylish little me and the things that held me back from making her happy.

But I’m an adult now (shocking), so what exactly is holding me back? Nothing but myself! I’ve made peace with my looks, I know how to dress to fit my body, and I never want to spend another day feeling bummed because I was too lazy to dress up or I held back from looking too “made up”. So, this post is a reminder to just be happy, because life is too short to wear boring clothes (and feel shitty about it). It’s as simple as that.

Here’s to stylish new beginnings, actually putting outfits together, using up all that makeup I hoard, and feeling fucking good.

Cindy xx

*all pictures are from Pinterest and credit goes to their owners!

Resort 2018 fashion + beauty favorites

Gucci Hosts Resort 2018 Show in Florence
Beauty at Gucci Resort 2018

When you’re spending most of your summer taking college classes, you need a pick me up. Thankfully, there’s always some new collection to cheer me up and make life a little more bearable. This time around, there’s four Resort 2018 ones I’ve been loving lately.


Chanel has been absolutely killing it lately, and this collection is obvious proof. It’s a new twist on classic Greek beauty, featuring pastels, neutrals, gold, and colorful gladiator-style sandals. I love the detail that went into all the pieces and the bottom heavy winged eyeliner paired with peachy lips the models wore.

Just Cavalli gave me something I didn’t know I was craving in a collection ’till the moment I saw it: some rocker edge! I’m all for intricate and colorful, but sometimes I need a return to the basics. Eyeliner, wet hair and feminine rocker pieces are welcome by me any day (and if they come with a male model in a nice suit I will not complain.)

Gucci’s collection seems to be a mixed bag of everything ever at the same time, but these pieces stood out to me as stunning. I love that they went for a Renaissance theme based in Florence, because it’s always a treat when fashion, art, and history come together (as they always should!) The details here are gorgeous as well, from pearls in the model’s hair, to insane nail art.

Finally, I have to share Moschino’s Vegas inspired collection full of sheer pieces, flames, leather, bikinis, and more cartoon prints than you can imagine. There’s also some great, colorful makeup and Playboy bunnies running around. Who would’ve thought prints I’ve seen at flea markets would look so cool on the runway? I guess it goes to show it’s all about having the style and attitude to rock some things!

Hailey Baldwin at Moschino Resort 2018

What are you favorite Resort 2018 collections so far? Let me know!

Cindy xx

*All pictures are courtesy of Google or Vogue

She’s got “IT!”

Clara Bow, “It”, and the screen debut of the little black dress.


Clara Bow is remembered for being one of the most popular stars on the 1920s, and thanks to her, we now use the term “It Girl”, a little nickname she earned after staring in 1927’s It.

In the film, Clara stars as Betty Lou Spence, a shop assistant with a major crush on her boss. Throughout the film, she works to get his attention and eventually succeeds, but not without some laughs and drama on the way, as any good romantic comedy should have. But before she gets her way, her boss’ friend sets her eyes on her after reading on Cosmopolitan magazine about the concept of “It.” It turns out the movie is actually an early “concept film”, as it’s based on a real story written by Elinor Glyn, and published by the magazine, where “It” is defined. But what exactly is “It?” Elinor gives two definitions during the film:

” ‘It’ is the peculiar quality which some persons possess, which attracts others of the opposite sex. The possessor of ‘It’ must be absolutely un-selfconscious, and must have that magnetic “sex appeal” which is irresistible.

“Self-confidence and indifference as to whether you are pleasing or not — and something in you that gives the impression that you are not all cold. That’s ‘It!’ “

It’s only fitting, then, that Clara should be the original “It” girl. She completely personifies the term, and so does her character. Betty Lou is flirty, funny, self driven, carefree, and kind, all qualities an “It” girl should possess.

As if that’s not enough, Clara is credited as debuting the little black dress on screen! The origin of the “LBD” itself is traced back to the famous Coco Chanel, who in 1926 created a simple black dress featured in Vogue magazine (some people debate this fact, but that’s the official story anyway.) Though the dress was noticed by such a big fashion magazine, it seems it didn’t gain too much popularity until Clara wore a different version in the film, created by costume designer Travis Banton.

In true “It” girl fashion, Betty Lou transforms her black work dress into an evening dress for a date at the Ritz. And so, an iconic look, and movie scene, were born.

Betty Lou about to make movie history…


Accessorizing with a sheer scarf and flowers.

They say necessity is the mother of invention for a reason!

When it comes to style, and style icons, I always look for that “It” quality. After seeing this movie, I’ll play more attention to the gorgeous, original “It” girl who stole hearts and looked good doing it. In fact, I think I’ll watch her film Wings soon, because I now feel a huge need to see her rocking a uniform.

Cindy xx

Cannes 2017 fashion appreciation

Bella Hadid wearing Alexandre Vauthier at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

Cannes is over for the year, but it left us many gorgeous dresses to swoon over (mainly of the satin and sparkly variety). Here’s my favorites from the festival!

First comes Rihanna in Dior! I love the ’90s vibe she gives off thanks to her sunglasses and the simple, but breathtaking, effect the look has.

"Okja" Red Carpet Arrivals - The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Emily Ratajkowski was a red carpet favorite in her Twin Set by Simona Barbieri gown, specially thanks to her twinning moment with Bella Hadid. And while I’ve barely seen Neelam Gill’s KAUFMANFRANCO dress mentioned, I LOVE it! It’s got a very sexy, retro silhouette, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s metallic silver.

Some other favorites were Araya Hargate in Ralph & Russo, Elsa Hork in Alberta Ferretti, and Hailey Baldwin in Elie Saab.

And last but not least, Bella Hadid! It seems Bella can do no wrong both on and off the red carpet, as she shows here with her gowns by Roberto Cavalli, Ralph and Russo, and of course, her GORGEOUS Alexandre Vauthier gown that, basically, inspired this post.


Which were your favorites? Are there any others you loved? Let me know!

Cindy xx

*all photos are courtesy of Google!

White summer dress + french inspiration


I’ve spent the last few weeks working and feeling very uninspired, but with summer at my doorstep I knew I needed a little inspiration to pick me up. So, of course, I turned to french summer style to find something to wear when I went to the Hotel El Conquistador yesterday!

I decided on wearing a little white dress and a sunhat to fight off the heat and to feel cute after wearing boring work outfits for the past weeks. It doesn’t hurt that feeling like Birkin and Bardot for the day made me feel a little bit amazing! I’d actually worn this outfit before, hat and all, a few summers ago to visit another hotel. I’ve been saving it for a day like this, but I’m also going to try wearing it year round because it’s a bit cruel to hide away a pretty thing like this for the rest of the year (specially because where I live, it mostly feels like summer year round anyway!).

I paired the dress with my new sandals. I can tell I’ll love them already and that they’ll be a staple for me this summer, since they can match pretty much any outfit and they’re very comfortable, too.


The view from the hotel!





It feels like a great summer already, let’s see what it brings!

Cindy xx

Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch, similar one here | Sunhat: similar one here | Sandals: Forever 21 | Lipstick: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm