The beauty in sadness


The last book I read was Sylvia Plath’s famous novel The Bell Jar. I’ve already made some posts about a particular passage I liked from it, plus a poem by her (Mad Girl’s Love Song) on my Instagram, but I felt the need to write something more. I’m not exactly sure what it is I should be writing. Sometimes I feel the need to write something down with no purpose behind it, no thought process or intention other than to write. But I guess that what struck me so much about the book, and what I’ll try to write about, is sadness, or more specifically, the beauty some of us find in it.

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Heavenly Bodies: Met Gala 2018 Favorites

Lana del Rey wearing Gucci.

Yesterday’s Met Gala, themed “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was heavenly, indeed. As soon as I knew about this year’s theme I was VERY excited to see what people would wear. My hopes came true and celebrities delivered, with medieval inspired gowns that almost converted me to Catholicism. In fact, the Catholic aesthetic is one I’ve been admiring for a while now, with the likes of Dior, Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana, Guo Pei and LaCroix taking my breath away over and over as I scroll through pictures of their old, religion themed collections. They’re feminine, luxurious and historic, everything a girl like me could hope for.

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A positivity rambling


I’ve always said that I’m a realist, but I think I’ve just been trying to convince myself I’m not THAT negative. The truth is, for the past years, I’ve been sinking in a negativity pool that’s left me so… drained. So I decided that I’d make a concious effort to change this, be it with natural positivity or forcing myself to take some steps towards happiness. Wether it’s making myself get out of bed or putting on a happy song when the voices in my head tell me to listen to some sad album again, I think it may actually be working. Most of the time, atleast in my case, that negativity came from no one else but me, and it was only up to me to do something about it.

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My college experience + what I learned


So I finally finished college. Incredible, really, how 4 (and a half) years go by so quick. And I have many thoughts about the whole situation, complete with lessons learned. Yes, in between the falling asleep in class I did learn some things. As a point of reference, I’ll let you know the basics. I studied my bachelor’s in Sociology in Puerto Rico, and commuted to my pretty small, public university. And now that we’ve got that covered, on to what I learned:

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Invasion of the red berets

Eva Green in The Dreamers (2003)

It seems I can’t go on Instagram without seeing someone wearing a beret of some kind. Red ones, mostly. I’ve even joined the party by buying a bunch of berets (red, white, and grey to join the black one I stole from my mom, if you want to be specific).

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The other day I watched Barbie’s episode of The Toys that Made Us on Netflix and it reminded me that I’d been meaning to write about her in a sort of defensive manner, after a Sociology professor compared her to the likes of Satan in a class about a year ago. To him, she’s a brainwashing tool to make parents spend money and little girls turn into very feminine housewives with bad self esteem thanks to her unrealistic, uh, doll body. To me, she wasn’t so much a character I looked up to, but a way to play make believe and spend hours dressing up my own mannequin.

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What I listened to in 2017


What can I say about 2017 without repeating that it was terrible over and over? My mother always tells me I’m a pessimist but it’s safe to say that my outlook on this year is that of a realist because, well, have you seen everything that happened this year?

But guys, this post isn’t meant to make you sad. I’m saying goodbye to the year with what I can always rely on to make any year good: music. This year my music discoveries were a mix of the unexpected and the usual, both old and new, but always amazing and worthy of remembering for years to come.

Here’s what Spotify had to say for my taste this year:


Not too surprising considering I listened to Dangerous Woman on repeat for most of the year. If anything’s surprising it’s the fact that I bothered to listen to more pop and rap in general! I also listened to more music in Spanish (this shouldn’t be weird considering I’m a latina who’s first language is Spanish  but hey, that’s a story for another day.) Look at me branching out! But not to worry, indie was there too. Altogether, I think a sampling of these songs are worthy of a playlist you can check out below if you want to know more about what I’ve been listening, excluding some questionable songs that don’t really fit with the vibe. 😅 I recommend playing it on shuffle because I didn’t bother to put the songs in any order. Bear with me, please.

I’m VERY ready to end the year and this playlist will be here with me as I count down the seconds to start 2018. I hope you all have a lovely, fun, exciting new year! May it be filled with great new songs. Happy listening!

Cindy xx