Musing about country rock

With a playlist thrown in for kicks.

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

You know how when you ask people what music they like they tend to answer “everything but rap and country”? I guess we’re not doing that anymore, because it’s not only a blatant lie (or just a dumb pet peeve of mine), this is also THE year of rap and country. Yes, the simulation is doing a lot this 2019, and if 2018 was my year of rap appreciation, 2019 is my time to listen to country music unironically.

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Pamela-fying my life

On Pamela, “I’m With the Band”, and a playlist to go along with it all.

Pamela and the GTO’s.

It’s been a few months since I’ve written anything formal down, but you might be glad to know I haven’t been wasting away since my last post; I’ve been reading up on Pamela Des Barres and, consequently, putting her up on my pedestal of idols.

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A blurb about hats and getting things right


I’m kind of picky when it comes to getting things right. That doesn’t mean that I can’t deal with things not going my way, but whatever’s wrong will nag me throughout the day. This of course applies to dressing up and picking outfits. In this case, I’ve been wanting to wear this hat again, the ever famous (and sometimes hated) fedora. But everytime I had a bad hair day and I looked for it to save me from myself, it just wouldn’t feel right. 

But not today! Because today, by the grace of God or my high expectations, it finally looked okay. Putting it on my head and having it look not terrible in the mirror was an adrenaline rush only nitpickers with a love for fashion can relate to. A rush worthy of writing about.

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In defense of skinny eyebrows (even if just for fun)

Alternatively titled: “Skinny eyebrows aren’t that bad, you’re just a coward”

Closeup of a Dior/Galliano runway makeup look, makeup by Pat McGrath

It seems like nothing has been as important in the fashion world as Rihanna’s eyebrows for the past few days. The amount of articles written about the very thin, twenties-esque brows she wears on the September cover of British Vogue is insane, pieces discussing the fear (!) of skinny eyebrows being a trend again (along with her adoring fans rejecting the choice via tweets, one even calling them ’80s brows, a horrific and inaccurate comparison), their ugliness and past plucking eyebrow traumas, and even how problematic they are, because, apparently, they’re stealing Chola culture. I, on the other hand, am very much appreciative of the look; to me it’s an ode to all things vintage and artistic, spawning decades and loads of hits and misses. Where’s the fun in fashion or makeup if you can’t experiment with it every once in a while?

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Orry-Kelly, costumes, and movies to see

Orry-Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. Monroe wears her famous dress from ‘Some Like it Hot’ (1957)

I don’t know if it’s coincidence or mercy from the universe, but I’ve been really into costume design lately and today I had a bigger dose of costumes to make that love grow.  It’s costumes that I obsess over, that I get inspiration from. So, how ideal is it that my afternoon nap got interrupted by my mom calling me over to watch “Women He’s Undressed” with her? If you don’t know what that is, it’s a 2015 documentary about Orry-Kelly, the famous Hollywood costume designer responsible for creating those memorable outfits you might have seen in some of your favorite movies starting in the 1930’s and continuing through the ’60s. Kelly was born in Australia and arrived in America in the 1920’s, eventually making it to Hollywood in the early 1930’s with only inspiration and a love for theater and costumes with him. Throughout his very interesting career, he did things like date a so called Archie Leach (later known as Cary Grant, really!), meet a bunch of interesting people, and, of course, got to dress some of the most popular Old Hollywood starlets, including the likes of Bette Davis, Dolores del Rio, and Marilyn Monroe (just to name a few.)

Still from ‘Women He’s Undressed’ (2015)

The documentary itself is narrated with charm and humor, acting out and narrating parts of his life in dream like, theatrical sequences. My favorite part, as you can already guess, was watching all the movie clips where you can see actresses bringing Kelly’s costumes to life; how they embodied different characters, defined them and made them who they are in movie history. I was pleasantly surprised that I recognized a couple of the costumes and the movies they come from, and I’ll be sharing these below, along with some other movies he worked in that I can’t wait to see.

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The beauty in sadness


The last book I read was Sylvia Plath’s famous novel The Bell Jar. I’ve already made some posts about a particular passage I liked from it, plus a poem by her (Mad Girl’s Love Song) on my Instagram, but I felt the need to write something more. I’m not exactly sure what it is I should be writing. Sometimes I feel the need to write something down with no purpose behind it, no thought process or intention other than to write. But I guess that what struck me so much about the book, and what I’ll try to write about, is sadness, or more specifically, the beauty some of us find in it.

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Heavenly Bodies: Met Gala 2018 Favorites

Lana del Rey wearing Gucci.

Yesterday’s Met Gala, themed “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was heavenly, indeed. As soon as I knew about this year’s theme I was VERY excited to see what people would wear. My hopes came true and celebrities delivered, with medieval inspired gowns that almost converted me to Catholicism. In fact, the Catholic aesthetic is one I’ve been admiring for a while now, with the likes of Dior, Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana, Guo Pei and LaCroix taking my breath away over and over as I scroll through pictures of their old, religion themed collections. They’re feminine, luxurious and historic, everything a girl like me could hope for.

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